Sentimental Bass flute

1. Estate (Bruno Martino) 3.44
2. September Morn (Neil Diamond) 3.54
3. Quando Quando Quando (Testa/Renis) 4.32
4. Tico Tico (Zequinha de Abreu) 2.44
5. Smile (Charlie Chaplin) 3.02
6. Blue Moon (Richard Rodgers) 2.45
7. Feeling (Loulou Gastè) 3.30
8. In A Sentimental Mood (Duke Ellington) 4.44
9. Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel) 5.10
10. Misty (Erroll Garner) 4.27
11. My Way (Jacques Revaux) 5.02
12. Flight of the bumblebee (Rimskij Korsakov) 2.32

"Sentimental Bass Flute"
is project by Mirella Pantano

This project, unique in this genre, is based on the emotional and elegant sound of the BASS Flute with songs loads of feelings... to say with
the music than with words you can not say.
Thanks to Dimitri Sassone and the "Ohana Film and Music SRL", the "Accademia Nazionale Flautistica Italiana" and Masterclass, the "S.DM Music" distribution U.S.A.
Studio REC: RPR Roma ITALY.
LIVE AID production no profit
Who have supported me in achieving of this ambition target.

Special thanks to Paolo Russo, Ciro Di Bitonto and to all the people
that collaborated and made this CD possible:

Bass Flute and C Flute: Mirella Pantano
Drum and Percussion: Ciro Di Bitonto
Bass: Billy Todary
Electric and Acustic Guitar: Marco Russo
Keyboard and Piano: Toomy Lidley
Sax Soprano and Tenor: Paolo Russo

Cover concept and Art Direction: Graziano Panfili
Arrangement - Editing - Programmation: Paolo Russo
Realization - Mastering: Paolo Russo
Press Office: Davide Bottini
Studio REC: RPR Roma ITALY
S.DM music distribution U.S.A.

This record id dedicated to my son Davide
"my music better"